About Shona


A visionary artist since the 1980s, Shona has lived and studied in such far-reaching places as the Himalayas, South Africa, Egypt, France, Italy and Great Britain—and now the US. Growing up, her life was fraught with danger, revolution and abuse. But it was through this pain and struggle that Shona developed the ability to access deeper realities and greater truths. Through her own journey of healing, she became an Ordained Minister, a Life Coach, Seminar Leader and Spiritual Counselor working in the healing arena for a number of years. She was also instrumental in starting a Sustainable Mountain Living Community in GA through organic gardening practices, education, and supporting the local community in various ways. On the more adventurous side, Shona has been a formula 2 racing mechanic, a hot air balloon pilot, a designer and tour guide for spiritual quests in the UK, France and Egypt .

Her professional experiences also include presenting seminars on whole brain learning, holistic living and self-empowerment, for a client list that includes Kodak, Xerox, Intel, Syracuse University, British Leyland, Ogilvy and Mather, the London Stock Exchange and the New York State school system. Conversant in mainstream and new scientific thought along with leading edge spirituality, Shona has a gift for inspiring scientists and leaders in all disciplines to think “outside the box.” 

In both her drawings, her work and her life, she brings a message of hope, understanding and healing for humanity and the Earth. Having lived almost every archetype on this planet—both dark and light, rich and poor—she can now bring each one into awareness with love and healing. No one is outside of the blessings from these drawings, all are included. In this new world of the perfection of Source that we all are, at this layer of life, there is no good or bad. It is all one field of perfection.




Out beyond right doings and wrong doings there is a field, and I will meet you there  - Rumi, 13th Century Poet

that is the field of these drawings, come and meet me there - Shona Bellew